The All Star Diaries

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The new series of The All Star Diaries follows the lives of the eight star of the Blue Chip All Star Academy since they took part in H&C’s popular show.

If you missed the Blue Chip All Star Academy first time round, you can watch it On Demand.

About The Blue Chip All Star Academy

The new series of H&C’s reality TV show kicks off on Sunday 28 May. Described as a cross between The Apprentice and Pony Club camp, the show sees eight riders battle it out to become the next Blue Chip All Star Academy champion.

Follow their journey as they get put through their paces at the Talland School of Equitation in Gloucestershire, under the watchful eye of the one and only Pammy Hutton and her son Charlie.

What to expect

The training camp involves a range of challenging tasks, both in the saddle and on the ground, from perfecting their interview skills to executing emergency stops. So expect thrills, spills, tears and tantrums.

Special guests have been invited along to offer advice to the contestants and help judge the winner of each challenge. At the end of the five-part series the overall All Star will be crowned.

As well as watching the riders in action you can hear all the gossip from them in the diary room, where they spill their true feelings on the day’s outcome, the judges and each other! You are in for an action packed series, with plenty of drama and excitement.


The winner will receive a year’s sponsorship and products from Blue Chip Feed, plus the chance to co-present an episode of Rudall’s Round Up with Jenny on Horse & Country TV. The winner and seven finalists will join H&C’s All Star vlogging team and will appear on the channel regularly on The All Star Diaries programme.

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