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Hi Guys,

Well this is my very first blog. As a cowboy and horse trainer from a little country town in Queensland the word “blog” isn’t something I’ve often heard of. In fact I wasn’t quite sure what was expected of me the first time I was asked to “blog”. I won’t tell you what I imagined, but writing wasn’t the first thing that came to mind!!! Anyway, here I am, these days able to use an Ipad, having a facebook page, googleing and now blogging. Whew, I think I need to go for a ride.

Seeing this is my first blog, I thought I would write about something else I did for the first time. For the past 30 years I’ve spent my life working with horses in one way or another, from rodeo riding, training and showing to teaching horsemanship courses around the world and helping thousands of people understand their horses a little better. Earlier this year however, I had my first experience in front of a TV camera.

After a chance meeting with Joe and Tatiana from Frazzica Productions at Equitana in 2012 when I was competing in The Way of the Horse Competition the idea for a TV Show was born. I agreed and nodded at everything then promptly headed off on my usual job of travelling around and teaching courses without giving it a second thought. Then in early May this year, amidst storms and flash flooding I arrived home to find Tatiana & a TV crew were arriving in a few days and we were shooting a new show “Ken Faulkner – Horseman of Oz”. “No Pressure”

I have to say it was one of the most fun times I’ve had. The rain cleared, the crew were able to get to our property and the four days flew by. Dr Bill Roughan our local vet arrived to take part in many segments as well our wonderful friends and students, some of who flew in from Melbourne. My lovely sister-in-law Melinda (I have to say that because she might see this) flew over from Singapore to help Kathy with all the organising.

With Tat directing and the camera boys sorting out light and sound we managed to film a whole series in four days. Tat, Luke and Adrian made it easy and fun although we all learned I’m not very good at being directed. Practice makes perfect they say. (We all had lots of practice). I’m thinking our bloopers would probably make an entire other show.

Well, my first blog done. Stay tuned for an update when I get home from the UK.


Ken Faulkner on board with Horse & Country TV Australia!

Legendary Aussie horseman and international clinician, Ken Faulkner, has joined H&C TV and will be the first horse trainer to present a series via the Australian channel.

Ken is renowned for his skill working with horses of all levels and disciplines and is a much-loved favourite among the equine community. Apart from his skill in turning out lovely riding horses and problem solving difficult cases, Ken was also the winning trainer of Equitana’s “Way of the Horse” contest in 2013, showing an amazing depth of understanding and patience with his young, unhanded horse.

The series, titled “The Horseman of Oz”, is not all centred on horse training however, but will also cover other aspects of horse care. Ken delivers sessions on foal handling, weaning and halter starting, liberty training, starting young horses under saddle, float loading and lots of other useful riding and handling advice. He will be joined by saddler, Peter Brophy, in the saddle fit segment and in several sessions by Veterinarian Specialist, Dr Bill Roughan – who has even performed a gelding and hernia operation live on the show!

Ken says he feels honoured to be on the Horseman of Oz show. “We all had a wonderful time filming and I hope everyone enjoys watching the series as much as we enjoyed making it”.

Dr Bill (also one of our expert Blogging Panel) had a great time helping with the series too and reported that “Animals had all read their lines beforehand and handled the pressure well – even Ken! – and I am looking forward to a few more laughs in future filming”.