EQUITANA Australia’s “The Way of the Horse” 2014 TV show has just won Best Equine Training & Performance Program at the EQUUS International Film Festival held annually in Missoula Montana. The film festival is the premier venue for award-winning equine film, television and all media focused on the equine/human bond, featuring stories, topics and issues that bring awareness and understanding of all things equine, while celebrating the magnificent horse.

“We are delighted and humbled by the acknowledgement of all the hard work that goes into the making of The Way of The Horse at Equitana Melbourne. The Way of the Horse is about teaching and promoting kinder ways to start young horses. It is the ultimate horsemanship challenge, in an arena with 3 unstarted horses, 3 amazing Australian horse trainers and 5000 spectators. This award is a credit to the Equitana team, the Frazzica Productions crew and our broadcast partner Horse & Country TV” – Tatiana Frazzica, Producer

The Way of the Horse airs on the Horse & Country TV network worldwide.

“Huge congratulations to our Australian partner, Tatiana and the team at Frazzica Productions and EQUITANA for their well-deserved award at the Equus International Film Festival. We look forward to broadcasting further Australian productions from them on the Horse & Country TV Network” – Jonathan Rippon, Program Manager

“EQUITANA has invested many years into the development of The Way of The Horse. We are thrilled to be associated with this award and with Frazzica Productions. Tatiana and her team work closely with us to ensure the incredible atmosphere and anticipation of The Way of the Horse competition is reflected in the production of the program. The spectacle of the talented trainers working sensitively with the magnificent horses in this difficult environment makes for compelling viewing. We are thrilled that our competition and Frazzica Productions hard work and talent is being acknowledged in this way. Thank you”. – Rod Lockwood, Managing Director EQUITANA Australia.

Frazzica Productions are the leading equine media producers in Australia and their documentary film Marwari – War Horse of the Maharaja is being released in NYC this november.

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The Way of The Horse

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