Horse & Country is taking its popular Masterclass series stateside, starting with a training session with Laura Kraut.

Olympic champion

Laura is an international showjumper and Olympic champion. She is passionate about training and her successful career has given her the knowledge and ability to produce horses and coach riders up to the highest level.

In this Masterclass Laura takes us through some of the techniques she uses on her horses at home and with her students. Part one features a circle of four jumps.

“It appears to be a simple exercise, but it’s one that the more you do, the more difficult it becomes,” says Laura. “It’s a great exercise to teach horses and riders control, and to teach rider position. It’s also a wonderful exercise for young horses, as it teaches them steering.”

Georgina Bloomberg

Laura’s programme will be followed by a Masterclass with Georgina Bloomberg, who is an international showjumper and daughter of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

You can watch H&C Masterclass USA: Laura Kraut online now on Horse & Country TV. H&C Masterclass USA: Georgina Bloomberg premieres on 10 July at 8pm on Horse & Country TV