Monty Roberts Backstage Pass

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In Backstage Pass with Monty Roberts, watch as Monty works with a range of different horses and faces many equine challenges.

Series 7 Episode Guide
Episode 2 Watch on Play

Backstage Pass to Flag Is Up Farms celebrating 50 year jubilee 1966-2016.

Episode 3 Watch on Play
Mouse is a rescue that is learning to trust and learning to carry a saddle and rider for the first time. Hopefully he finds a great person to spend the future with.

Episode 4 Watch on Play
Penny is a problem horse whose owner is at their wit’s end. Can Monty help and save the day?

Episode 5 Watch on Play
Ellie who is a 6 year old is hard to mount and load on to a lorry. See Monty work on both these issues.

Episode 6 Watch on Play
A real miracle story Rachael an Australian veteran who suffered PTSI watch her amazing growth after Join-Up® with Monty.

Episode 7 Watch on Play
Join Monty as he collects his 80th Birthday gift 3 wild mustangs from BLM. Watch him work with the horses and he introduces the first touch and halter training.

Episode 8 Watch on Play
Spencer is a young gelding that had a bad incident when first saddled so is afraid of anything on his back. Monty helps Spencer accept the saddle and mannequin rider.

Episode 9 Watch on Play
Cariad in welsh is love and Cariad is a young horse learning to love her first saddle and rider. With Monty Roberts she is getting a great start for a nice life.

Episode 10 Watch on Play
Kelly Marks takes clipper phobic horse ‘Indie’ through incremental work to achieve Join-Up leading to the familiarisation of clippers.